conscious with the planet


Essence Food will exhibit an innovative food proposal, based on the application of digital technology to new forms of innovative, functional food. Essence Food revolves around the use of food production surpluses to curb waste and generate freeze-dried food of high nutritional value. Through an advanced dehydration technique tested among consumers, the new products developed by Essence Food retain all their organoleptic qualities even in adverse climatic conditions (heat, cold or humidity) for a long period of time exceeding 5 years.

Essence Food was founded to open a new era in food with a vision committed to sustainable development and the objectives of the 2030 Agenda. In addition to moving towards zero waste, it is developing techniques to enhance the value of the entire supply chain and guarantee the consumer’s right to know what they are eating, how it has been prepared, who has grown or manufactured it or where it has been produced, thanks to the custody of blockchain information.

Despite the high technological component, Essence Food products are 100% natural and keep intact its environmental and social commitment by providing the necessary nutritional intake for the human body without making access to food an economic problem. “It’s not just about food traceability, our solution provides much more useful information for consumers, giving them back a right that the traditional industry had taken away from them: to know what they eating,” says Marcio Barradas, who recalls that Essence Food is a clear example of sustainable, digital transformation in response to the market’s needs. We are a company immersed in the circular economy,” says Barradas, “and we work in an environment of food and health innovation”.


Essence Food, which is planning its first industrial plant in Galicia (Spain), is capable of recovering thousands of tons of food waste: production surpluses, cut or “ugly” fruit and vegetables, industrial waste, etc. Always providing the maximum guarantee and health safety. With the capacity to transform food waste on a large scale, Essence Food will develop new food proposals adapted to new lifestyles and, above all, to the nutritional needs of the world’s population.