How Essence Food upcycles food losses?

How Essence Food upcycles food losses?

How Essence Food upcycles food losses?

Essence Food is an innovative proposal that applies advanced food technologies to upcycle fruit and vegetable surpluses by manufacturing functional foods with a high nutritional value and long shelf life.

Essence Food is ushering in a new era in the food industry with a vision committed to sustainable development. In addition to moving towards zero food waste, we are also providing transparent data about the origin, quality, nutrients, and effects on consumers, along with the life-cycle ecological impacts of each bite of our foodstuffs.

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We recommend drying fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, algae, and animal products as early as possible, to avoid the need for refrigeration (even for years), and the risk of mold, germs, and bacteria. It is very unlikely that such food will be discarded. Our technology can also save the amounts that are still edible at the moment but would go bad after 2-3 days. Such upcycling provides nutrients without the need to cultivate, transport, and store again an equivalent food, therefore has a beneficial environmental and social impact. Your investors and customers will like our quantified, live water and carbon footprint reports! After extracting the water content (which you can also utilize), about 40% less transport and storage space is needed.

About 30% of produced food gets wasted globally.

The lion’s share happens during storage, transport, and grading, due to the lack of preservation.

Instead of sugary or fatty, our crunchy outputs are healthy snacks! As they don’t need cold, you can easily create bars to-go. Milling it is also very easy. After that, perfect and even cheap nutraceutical biscuits and millet-enricher can be made, following our recipes.

1,000 million people in the world have some kind of nutritional issue.

They can hardly access education because they have no attention span since they have to prioritize their most basic needs, while others discarded, damaged, or let spoil nutritious raw foods that could help solve this problem.

We are keenly supporting our clientele, e.g. by choosing the right product, and facility layout, recommending suppliers and customers, etc. Our machines also stand out with their cloud connection! Therefore, we can easily provide assistance by remotely reading and setting data. You can also Buy, Save, and Sell the best machine settings in a sharing-economy, to enable evolving but standard quality from Day 1. With that, we may also help monetize your produce.

The solutions exist but every new beginning can be hard. Despite this, an accelerated scale-up is needed to save millions of lives.

We develop an open-source, decentralized platform to collect and store any information that can be relevant for each food item, including their tracked locations, theoretical and measured organoleptic content. As a result of our R&D activities, we can also suggest some utilization ideas for the crunchy or powdered output.

Your body is made of what you eat. But usually, there is no reliable information available on how nutritious those bites really are, where they came from, and which toxins they may contain.

To support several nutrient and taste preferences, we can provide personalized recipes that can be loaded onto 3D printers, to mix an edible filament and manifest it in any structure. We were among the first ones to use such powder for food 3D printing cartridges and made several live shows with our sister brand, MoodBytes. We can provide the needed equipment, know-how, recipes, and you could produce the cartridge refill for restaurants and private customers.

Every life and body is different, therefore they need different support, including edibles.

However, it is still hard to find and get personalized nutrition supplies.

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Our competence keeps growing through win-win scenarios, being involved with small-scale R&D pilot projects and large-scale manufacturing facilities.

The business possibilities and end products are limitless: A hydroponic farm could use water extracted from its own food loss lyophilization. Similarly, Hotels can upcycle their high-quality fresh leftovers from their buffets into their own healthy snacks. We can create ready-to-mix shakes/smoothies, ice cream, desserts, and soups with a few additional steps.


Fruits and vegetables contain essential dietary nutrients, like vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, that are all important for a balanced diet. These nutrients minimize the risk of potential deficiencies and help us to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

However, their high water content (over 80%) makes them highly perishable products. Drying them is an adequate method to preserve these foods in safe and stable conditions, by reducing the water activity, thus extending their shelf life to even 10+ years.

But most drying methods do not retain Vitamin C, aroma, cell structure, and other important qualities.

With Essence Food’s technologies and know-how, these things are all maintained, along with the extracted water. Our dried foods are flavourful, nutritious, well-balanced, and easy to store and use.

The advantages of our drying method

Easy storage and transport

  • Less weight and volume
  • No refrigeration needed
  • No risk of mold
  • Kills almost all germs and bacteria in the process
  • The material can be stored for up to 20 years

No quality loss

  • Drying in low temperatures better retains vitamins, nutrients and active ingredients
  • Aromas are better preserved than with other drying processes
  • Better taste and consistency
  • Original shape and structure is retained in a crunchy format, and is easy to powderize
  • Can be rehydrated

Drying can be accomplished in 12 hours

Essence Food’s social value

Essence Food holds an optimistic vision of the future where technology will help humanity to overcome environmental and social crises.

Champions of a circular and upcycling economy, Essence Food also aligns with the current shift towards sustainability, transparent supply chains, and global open free markets.

With connections to pioneers of web3, Essence Food solutions intend to join the emerging infrastructure for a FAIR* data economy.

To measure the outcome of the freeze-drying process and its environmental impact, we have developed software that is integrated into the machines and potentially provides remote control and monitoring of their operation. As a result, our clients have digitized records of every cycle of production, which could be included in their CSR reports. Similarly, by scanning QR codes located on the product package, users can follow production steps, keep track of ingredient sources and access to a complete nutritional analysis.


*: providing findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability.

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