Upcycling food losses

Upcycling food losses

By reducing water content from the usual ~90% to a few, the time becomes frozen. Even mature berries can be stored for multiple decades, meaning you have ample time to connect with delighted customers who appreciate the exceptional flavor and nutritional benefits.

This not only saves the invested money and resources but might reduce the need for future production, which contributes to environmental and social sustainability.

Our solution not only retains the aromatic properties and beneficial ingredients of the berries but also ensures their preservation until they come into contact with oxygen and water again. In fact, our technology adds value to regular foods as well, utilizing quantities that would otherwise go to waste due to logistical issues, decreased aesthetics, or economic inefficiencies. The best part is, there are no disadvantages to using these surplus amounts.

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity, as utilizing just half of the currently discarded food could potentially be the solution to world hunger.

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